Deacon’s Vestment Set «A bird of Paradise»



This vestment is embroidered with metal threads in three shades of gold.

Fabric – costume gabardine in burgundy colour.

We pay special attention to each detail in our products, as it completes, complements and decorates the finished works. For example, all the tassels are assembled by our craftswomen exclusively by hands, taking into account all the colour and texture features of each product.

We take into account all your preferences with regard to fabric, embroidery, galloons and colour.


This set includes:

  1. A sticharion
  2. An orarion
  3. Cuffs


Expert craftspeople at our sewing workshop will make this deacon vestment to measure,

based on your preferences. 

We can make either a full set of the deacon’s vestment or parts of it.

All models were designed by highly skilled specialists who work in our own workshop.

Embroideries are made using advanced equipment.